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Back to the Studio - September 2020

Nearly six months into shut down - many are finding the courage to venture out and into the ability to stay occupied and focused on mindful experiences.  Join me with in-studio sessions. While creating you balance the weight of current events on all things with giving yourself a recess from all of that.

I'm offering sessions to express oneself and to offer opportunity to apply your thoughts to constructive activities at the studio benches.  Three Arts Organizations hosting sessions to tap into the option:

Clay Hand-building and Raku Firing at Truro Center of the Arts at Castlehill, September 21-25.

Clay Hand-building and Wheel Throwing September into December at Art League of New Britain, CT.

Print and Collage Sessions beginning September and November at SoCCA, Southington Community Cultural Arts, Southington, CT.



Festival Where's

Here starts the 2020 Art Festival season to share wares with faithful patrons.

Continuing to keep studio arts alive, there is no better time to support with collecting and acquiring from Artists.  We offer ceramic vessels, tile and beads to become your favorite things.  And, for a squeaky clean hygiene, all-natural hot processed soap.  Give a call if you're not seeing something you favor.  We look forward to hearing from you!


2020 Studio Sessions

Get started, add something new to your calendar!

Exercise your ability to create and express at any level.

Bringing you closer to your inner artist, introspective experiences, and participating in the next BIG mindful trend.

ALNB Clay studio sessions Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Art League of New Britain in New Britain.

Drawing and Block Printing daytime session in Southington at SoCCA Wednesday and Friday respectively.  And, for the busy bee (ages 5-8) in your life - Friday after school Youth Drawing.
More SoCCA info and enroll HERE:

Prints On Exhibit & Ceramics From The Studio

Surburbia I/II, Monotype Chine-collĂ©, 2015, 17x14”
Getting cleaned up for the next exhibit and season of Open Studios at ALNB.

Much to share with Twenty Printmakers Invitational Exhibit on display and a fresh selection of ceramics form the studio.

Sure to have your collecting needs satiated!

ALNB - Sat & Sun 1-4:00pm, Wed 4-7:00pm and by appointment.

Specimen - Pollinators

First in the screen print series, on display through October 20, 2019
ALNB 29th annual Carriage House Exhibit
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